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Lost in the outback : How to deal with danger while travelling

Travel often involves a certain degree of danger: You might get robbed, injured,or get lost alone in a scary place. If that happens – here is how to deal with it!

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Camping in Australia

Since accommodation is very expensive in Australia, many backpackers decide to go camping to save a lot of money. But how safe is camping in Australia with all the poisonous critters and snakes around? And do you really save that much by sleeping under the stars?

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The Ultimate Outback Adventure: Adavale

If you want to see the wild side of Australia: the ragged mountain ranges, the red dirt, the extraordinary wildlife and the rough cowboy culture; there are many places in Australia where you can still experience the original outback-way-of-life!One such place is Queensland’s Adavale, a town in the middle of nowhere: in the real outback.

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10 Important Survival Tips for Australia

Surviving in Australia is definitely more difficult than in other countries.Here is a list of survival tips from my personal experience of travelling Australia, to prepare you to survive your trip to the most dangerous continent of the earth!

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