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The Batu Caves in Malaysia – Into the Darkness

Almost every traveler who visits Kuala Lumpur wants to see the famous Batu Caves. But what is so special about this specific cave-temple? In this guide I am going to explain what travelers can experience at Kuala Lumpur’s Batu Caves, how much the entry fees are and how you can easily get there by public transport.

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Where the Flying Foxes Live: Sydneys Secret Bat Caves

One of Australia’s fascinating animals is the Flying Fox or “Fruit Bat”. You can see those giant bats flying above Sydney at night, but there is also a place where you can see them up close in the wild. At the Girraweh Walking Track near Wolli Creek there is a colony of Grey- Headed Flying Foxes roosting in the trees.

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Australia’s Most Venomous Snakes: A Quick Guide – You only fear what you don’t know

This quick guide to Australia’s most venomous snakes will help you to learn how to identify Australia ‘s dangerous snakes and how to protect yourself from them. You only need to fear what you don’t know. So guard yourself with knowledge!

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Camping in Australia

Since accommodation is very expensive in Australia, many backpackers decide to go camping to save a lot of money. But how safe is camping in Australia with all the poisonous critters and snakes around? And do you really save that much by sleeping under the stars?

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10 Important Survival Tips for Australia

Surviving in Australia is definitely more difficult than in other countries.Here is a list of survival tips from my personal experience of travelling Australia, to prepare you to survive your trip to the most dangerous continent of the earth!

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