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Enjoy, Dream, Get Inspired!

Here I collect snapshots of different countries I visited, giving you an impression of some of my favorite places to inspire you for future journeys. When you look at the images, try to imagine the smells, temperature and noises that you would perceive if you were there!

All images are marked with the place where the pictures were taken, so you can go there, too!

Just hover over the picture with your mouse to see the place name. I hope this will inspire you to travel to some of those countries!

I will write travel guides for all of the places eventually (check using the search field), but if you have questions about how to go there, feel free to ask about it in the comments!And if you cannot travel, at least you can enjoy a taste of other places and imagine to be there.

Note: All photos are watermarked & protected by copyright! If you want to use them for something, you can contact me to ask for permission to use them for private projects or purchase a digital copy via picfair.

Have a look at my Picfair Portfolio if you want to support me by buying some of my photos as poster prints or digital wallpapers!

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