Who am I?

exploristicI am Lisa Jarmina, an adventurous outdoor person and writer from Germany.

in 2016, I finished my Master’s Degree in English Literature and Japanese Studies and started to travel the world. – And never returned!

As a child, I loved to read adventure novels and stories about long journeys of fearless explorers and their amazing experiences in far away countries.  I made up my own stories and imagined how one day I would travel the world when I grow up; become a brave explorer and entertain everybody with the stories of my adventures … turns out this dream became reality.  

My boyfriend Pierre and me now live in Malaysia where we roam the jungles and islands and explore surrounding Asia.

exploristic hiking

How I started to lead a life of travel

I was a wild child: I loved nothing more than freedom and nature. I would run away from home just to go on day long hikes through forests and fields and I regularly got into trouble for talking my friends into trying out survival techniques and making campfires  when I was still in elementary school. Nothing much ever changed about that…

My first long-term journey alone was to Japan.

In 2012 I managed to get a scholarship at a Japanese University. I was scared and excited, I used up all my savings to get there, but it was absolutely worth it! Suddenly I found myself on a plane going to the other side of the world, on a journey that would change my life forever!

My life in Japan was even more awesome than I had expected: I made numerous friends, not only from Japan but also among the other exchange students who came from all over the Asia Pacific region.

Together we explored Southern Japan (Kyûshû), explored rainforests, hidden temples on high mountains, volcanoes, the sea and met monkeys, snakes  and crazy insects. I was finally starting to live  an explorers life! 

I also learned a lot about other cultures, foreign politics and how other societies work.

My picture and understanding of the world expanded massively during this time, but more importantly, so did my hunger to travel and learn more.

And this is how the idea of my travel blog Exploristic was born. I always wanted to be a writer and a traveler, and writing a travel blog was combining both of my passions. 

I don’t earn much money with it, so I still have to work where ever I go, but that is actually a good way to meet people and get a feeling for living in that particular country.

After that I started to travel alone around South East Asia, working for food and accommodation to avoid spending money and make my journey last as long as possible. 

I visited friends that I met in Japan in their home countries in Asia, met their families and learned about their daily challenges and their way of life.

I embraced minimalism and soon I learned to be happy with nothing but a mattress on the floor, one simple meal a day and a place where I can take a shower.

That is really all you need to be happy, if your life is interesting enough otherwise.

travel happiness

And this is what I want to show people with my blog:

  • It is possible to travel, even with little money
  • There is no need to be scared of traveling alone, even as a woman
  • There are many different ways to live life, apart from what you are used to
  • I want people to understand that cultural differences are a good thing because this offers possibilities to learn from each other and see the world from very different perspectives
  • I want to help people who cannot travel themselves to see the world and understand how we are all connected 
  • I want to show people the wonders of nature and motivate them to protect them

So I am travelling the world now. My dream has come true. However, this is not yet the (happy) end of my story…

How my journey lead me to love and happiness

happy couple

While waitressing in a rooftop bar in Malaysia I met a French-Malaysian bartender named Pierre who I fell madly in love with.

He listened to heavy metal, took me on rides with his motorbike, swam with me under waterfalls in the jungle, taught me how to shoot a bow and arrow and nursed me patiently back to health when I spend days vomiting all over myself after I caught a bad case of food poisoning.

He was perfect! I realized that he was the man of my dreams. And we realized that we could not live apart from each other.

We spend a year travelling and working in Australia together, where we had lots of awesome experiences and made many great friends.

And here we are today, 2 years later: Traveling together, a happy couple, living our dreams.  We have our home base in Kuala Lumpur now, where we return to in between our adventures.

I feel extremely lucky to be able to live the life I always dreamed of. It was necessary to take some risks and make some sacrifices to get here. And it is sometimes difficult to make a living while changing places all the time. But we tackle all obstacles together and have lots of happiness.

I don’t regret anything! Starting to travel was the best decision of my life! And I encourage anybody who wants to follow their dreams to do so as well. You probably only have one life, so make sure you use your time well: Do the things that make you happy! 


Do you want to become an Explorer, too?

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The world is yours to explore!

I know it’s a long tough way to get to the place where you want to be. For some people even harder than for others… But if you decide that this one path is the one that you want to follow, you will definitely find the strength to push past any fears and obstacles!


Find your own way of traveling

Many people still think one has to be rich to travel. However, nowadays there are many ways to travel cheaply. I work and stay long-term at the destinations I travel to, which allows me to really experience what life is like there.

Other times, I stay at hostels or couchsurf and hitchhike around a country. Of course it depends on your personal needs and attitude how much money you need to travel. Some people just don’t like camping or sleeping in a car, and that’s ok! Everybody should figure out themselves what they like and what they are comfortable with.

As for me, I don’t like to think of myself as a tourist: I am a traveler:

I explore, learn, meet people and try to understand how others live their lives under different circumstances and what we all have in common. I spend a lot of time in nature, challenging myself and exploring places that are not in your average travel guide. My priority is to have memorable experiences that make me grow.


I wish to teach people about other possibilities to look at life.  About different perspectives.  About tolerance, humbleness, personal growth and mutual understanding.

Don’t be afraid to leave behind the things you know to meet the things you do not know yet!

Start your own journey now! A dream does not always have to remain a dream…