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Tomb Raider – The Legend of Himiko : How much is true?

In the recent Tomb Raider movie, Lara Croft is traveling to a secret island in Japan in search of her lost father, where she discovers the tomb of the mysterious Japanese Empress Himiko. I was curious how much of the legend is actually true, so I did some research to see how much of the movie is based on real facts.

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How to travel the world without money

Of course I like a nice lazy holiday at the beach as much as everyone else, but when I set out to TRAVEL, then I intend to explore a country and not waste time and money in souvenir shops and luxury resorts.For those of you who have the same mindset about travelling and the same hunger for newness and adventure, I will share some tips with you on how to spent the time of your life in a foreign country without having to pay for it.

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